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Every successful organisation knows that its employees, partners, clients, customers and other stakeholders are its most valuable assets and its most potent source of ideas for improvement. That’s why leading companies regularly conduct extensive surveys in order to maximise both employee engagement and satisfaction and partner engagement.

But getting the most out of survey feedback can be challenging.

Too often organisations ask the wrong questions, questions that have been poorly formulated or questions for which they have no best practice data to compare with their own feedback. These mistakes often render survey feedback almost useless or worse, lead companies to draw false conclusions from that feedback and make costly mistakes.

Silico helps you tap the
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Maximise the value of your research

For more than a decade Silico Research has been conducting qualitative and quantitative surveys and research for global organisations. We specialise in customised and benchmarking research involving partners, employees and other high-value stake holders. These are a few of the services we have conducted on behlaf of clients in the past:

Partner and channels surveys

We have conducted a considerable number of confidential high quality surveys of alliance and channel partners on behalf of clients in the biopharmaceutical and other research-intensive sectors.

Reputational surveys

Silico has more than a decade's experience conducting surveys for clients with hard-to-reach groups of professionals assessing the company's reputation and those professionals perception of the company's strengths and weaknesses.


Partner healthchecks are a useful way for the partners in any collaborative relationship to measure the health of that relationship. Silico has conducted a number of healthchecks for clients looking to get confidential feedback from the executives involved in the collaboration.

Benchmarking surveys

Silico conducts confidential benchmarking and KIP surveys for organisations seeking to learn from the best practices of other organisations. These are conducted for single clients with the benchmarking process tailored to their requirements or for groups of clients with a standardised benchmarking process.

Our research gives you perspective on the feedback from your most valuable stakeholders

News and research pieces

Silico Research has announced the launch of the Partnering Benchmarks Programme which has been designed to help professionals responsible for managing collaborations, partnerships and alliances with external organisations to set and achieve effective goals and establish themselves as the partner of choice among potential collaborators. For more information about this service go to this page.

Silico Research has released a white paper examining the relationship between trust and the success of a collaboration. Find out more at The role of trust in the success of collaborations.

Using our benchmarking database of feedback in hundered of partnering and similar surveys we have examined the claims made by academics and industry observers about the failure rate for alliances and found them, well....pretty far off the mark. Read the analysis at Alliance failure rates, reconsidered.

Recent analysis by Silico Research has found that senior life science executives in companies based in the Asia-Pacfic region are more positive about the prospects for and partnering with large pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Of the top six countries in terms of attitude to partnering five were from the Asia-Pacific region. Of the bottom six counties in terms of attitude to partnering not a single one was from the Asia-Pacific region. Find out more at Executives in Asia are the most positive about partnering.

Silico Research has announced that it has released an illustrative benchmarking dataset for partnering feedback gathered in hundreds of surveys over the past decade. To see the dataset go to this page detailing the highlights of the illustrative benchmarking data.

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